The Website Process,
It leads to success every time...

Our process sets the bar... "Ambition Media Marketing's process makes the work smooth for everyone involved." Kristyn Manoukian. "...a structured process that makes the experience predictable and fluid." Kyle Vamvouris. Having a defined process makes it hard not to have an excellent experience when working with us.

Content Creation & Keyword Research

We start with the end in mind by structuring the website's content around industry-specific keyword ranking opportunities.

Graphic showing the keyword research and content creation phase.

Search engines are built to find and index keywords on web pages. By creating your website's content around keywords specific to your industry, we can start working toward achieving organic search traffic right from the website's launch.

Unlike most design companies, the website's layout and design are built from the content, not the other way around. Instead of working the content around the design, we create the design and work around the content, making the content our primary focus.

While working with us, we will provide to you a content guide that will walk you through how to best structure and capture your business's most essential and exciting information. That way, we can define your business's value proposition to your website's visitors in less time which leads to higher conversion rates.

The Website Blueprint - The Wireframe

Every website should start with a blueprint. Now that we have the content, we can build the layout and structure of the site.

Graphic of a man placing a building block on other blocks.

Wireframes help us do a lot quickly. By creating a wireframe of the website, we can visualize how the site's content will be structured alongside placeholder design elements, such as blocks for images and videos. Also, wireframes help us understand the user experience and user journey with more clarity.

Not all wireframes are created equal, though. Most wireframes start as low-fidelity, which looks like grey blocks and blobs as placeholders for where images, text, and other design elements might be placed on the page. Low-fidelity wireframes are used to get as many layout ideas on paper as possible.

Next are medium-fidelity wireframes, which are our bread and butter. At this level of the wireframe journey, we add in text, image placeholders and start seeing something very close to a grey and black version of the website. The medium-fidelity wireframe usually is what we will hand over to you for your review and feedback.

Finally, there are high-fidelity wireframes that have authentic images, videos, and icons. Sometimes these wireframes even have color. Most of the time, we don't create high-fidelity wireframes because our process's design phase covers this basis.

Website Design In Figma

Whether it's just a facelift or complete rebrand, Ambition Media Marketing can take your site's design to the next level.

Graphic of a mam holding a design tool.

The website design phase of the process is easily the most exciting. Seeing your site come to life with color, icons, images, animations, and video brings together all of the hard work from the previous phases. 

We use Figma as our design tool of choice; it allows us to work together as a team and makes it easy for you to leave comments on parts of the design that you love and parts of the design that you don't. Also, using auto layouts, we can make rapid iterations on the initial design.

If your site is in needs more than just a phase lift, we also off complete rebranding services that include:

  • New Brand Logo
  • Brand Color Pallet
  • Typography
  • Business Card Design
  • Brand Guidelines

Though we primarily use Figma to create stunning website designs, we aren't afraid to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for more advanced design assets. Also, all of our Lottie animations are made using Adobe After Effects.

Content Creation & Keyword Research

We Offer Cutting-Edge, User-Focused, Mobile Responsive Web Design Services.

Graphic showing the Webflow development process.

Why Webflow? A few reasons we don't do anything but Webflow:

  1. Webflow loads super fast, which helps with search engine rankings.
  2. It's entirely flexible to achieve any design you could imagine.
  3. The CMS (content management system) makes it super easy to create content and even relate content to other content.
  4. When it comes to editing the site on your end, it's foolproof.
  5. Webflow is only getting better; they come out with new features almost every month.

When we develop your site, you can rest assured that it will load fast and be optimized for the search engines right out of the box. Also, we will include training videos that will detail the process of editing content on the site and uploading new content. 

Finally, but most importantly, your website will be entirely responsive for every screen size - not just mobile. That means the site will look great on giant monitors, and tablets too - ensuring every user has an excellent experience exploring and converting on your website built in Webflow.


More Success Stories
Client profile picture.
"Ambition Media Marketing went above and beyond for us with our Webflow and design projects. They completed three major projects and some other work for us and delivered extremely high quality work."
Jane White
Client profile picture.
"I've worked with Zach on a number of 3 different Webflow builds over the last year. We rely on AMM when we need custom Webflow work like page building, CMS design, and custom script implementation."
Rami Atassi
Client profile picture.
"It was a pleasure working with Zach. He used our ideas and even expanded them. The website is easy to update. It also has the potential to grow with us. Highly recommend Ambition Media Marketing!"
Lana Shuff
Client profile picture.
"I chose between a large competition and Ambition Media Marketing, and couldn't be happier. Not only would recommend him and his team but I would recommend to hurry, because we will use him again."
Michael Bates
Client profile picture.
"Ambition Media Marketing is highly organized, deadlines-driven and extremely clear. Their process makes the work smooth for everyone involved. The final product turned out beautifully!"
Kristyn Manoukian
Client profile picture.
"Working with Ambition Media Marketing was hands down my best experience working with a web designer. He has a structured process that makes the experience predictable and fluid."
Kyle Vamvouris